The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


I was reading the text and thought I'd add to your sociology project. I'm a gamer chick- I play Changeling (table-top) and have played Vampire: Dark Ages (I think Modern Nights is cheesy) and also Werewolf, I used to play Magic and I currently play B5 CCG. I am also a member of a group called the Thieves' Guilde which does living chess for medieval and renaissance faires, so I swing swords, daggers and axes in my spare time as well.

I was interested in gaming as long as I can remember. I've been reading Heinlein, Card and McCaffrey since I was six years old. I started playing Magic when I was fourteen; my big brother taught me how but I don't consider him to have "gotten me into it" because I remember going in and asking him to teach me. I started RPGing in high school when a female friend of mine could actually afford to buy the books. My first gaming group was a largely female werewolf game. The same ST tried to start a Changeling game later but never managed to pull it off. My fiance is also into gaming and he runs the C:tD game I'm in now, but I got him into our other gaming group so I think it evens out. I own my own dice bag and two dozen d10s and my own pair of daggers.

My little sister is also a gamer, more of a LARP gamer though she does play in my Thaddeus's C:tD tabletop game. She also was responsible for getting her own self into gaming.

This is the most appropriate pic I could find that was already in electronic format, it's of me in garb at the Highland Games- I didn't work that one but it was fun.

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