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There's no way to prove that a boyfriend got me into gaming, and I'll give you 10,000 dollars if you can prove me wrong. After all, How could I of been? As I've never had a boyfriend. Heh bet you didn't see that one coming. And no, I like men just fine in case that's what you were about to think. I got a nice n' gentle easey on-line entry into gaming I suppose.. I'd like to do it more, but without commuting to NYC, there's no community in my area. It started way back on the Sierra games forum on Compuserve, talking to a girl named Laura with the tag of "Mistral" who eventually told me about a great RPG forum. Eventually I took a look over, and several eventuallies later, grasped the concept of free form RP. Did that for a good long time, ironically WoD's VtM really mucked that place up. Too many Caines than anyone knew what to do with. So myself and my friends sort of ambled off, then, another old Compuserve friend told me about a MUSH by the name of Dark Metal. Well her and I were so RP starved by that point that we were ready to try about anything. I actually even had WtA books lying around as I always kept a foot in gaming books. One MUSH led to another, and eventually I got tired of them, yet still absolutely had to play Changeling, probably the most rewarding WoD game once one can break out of the stereotypes. Five letters.
PBeMs, darlin'.

Mary has her own website where you can learn all about her called The Sex Cauldron.

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