The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


I suppose I should say my case was a unique twist of the common "boyfriend did it" scenario. At age twelve two people were my lead into gaming in general, my beau at the time, and a mutual friend of ours who played with him (oddly enough, female). I went to the same school as the mutual friend and had to endure hours of enthusiastic gaming stories. After so much of this I called him and demanded the chance to play as well. It may have been a boyfriend that taught me (AD&D for starters) but it was my own initiative that got me in.

Since that time I've played several White Wolf creations (Mortals, Vampire, and Werewolf), Warhammer, and Rifts (I don't even remember how many variations). No Changeling, I'm afraid, but I was approved for the gallery since the "official" contest is finished.

Beyond that I am addicted to console RPGs. Nothing to relax after work than an hour or four crushing beasties in Breath of Fire IV (or BoF III, Chrono Cross, Grandia, Wild Arms, Legend of Legaia...).


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