The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


my computer name is etcetera, because a person is many things and sometimes we are all that we never thought we were and every thing else too. i started reading comics as a first reading material. i starting playing computer games when i was about three or four. solitaire and learning games at first and then as i got older i moved into playing the star trek text game for dos. i grew up watching sci-fi of course and terrible british comedys. i learned how to roleplay when i was about 9. i picked up some of my dads d&d books and thought the pictures were cool and started copying them. i read some of them but didnt really understand what some things meant and asked my dad to teach me how to play. my dad of course was very excited and we roleplayed for a while and then he started calling his friends he used to game with before he got married and then i would rpg with them. i still didnt really pay attention to the systems till i was much older. i got really into the stories and the characters. it was a terrible downward spiral from there. i have since played AD&D, big eyes small mouth, vampire, mage, conspiracyX, marvel, cyber punk, and countless computer and console games. ive created a few rpgs with my brothers and friends; maybe about 6 total? only one lasted very long. and currently my boyfriend and i are working on developing a system to go into a computer game. ive also of course have played changeling.

so im not sure if this is considered a guy getting me into gaming or not? i had little choice in the matter in either case. but no boyfriend ever got me into gaming! i got them into it! and they never go back to sanity again! so... um thanks for giving me a chance!

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