The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


First of all, ill like to apologize for any spelling of grammar error, im not used to write in inglis , but can reed it and understend it. im a 16-year-old mexican girl , since i can remember i had liked fantasy, and specialy dragons, so one day i was in google lookin for dragon pictures when i find a webpage about dungeons and dragons, and read about it and like the idea of the game, so i look for more information about the game and play for the first time in a Comix Convention, i also like comic books and to read sience fiction , so i finded my self at home in that place. Now i have 3 years playing. im also triing to form a group of roleplayers in my school, so a friend and i paset these nice anounsements all over the walls of the scool in whish we are calling to any role player or person interested in player, so long, 6 persons have answerd and we start playing 4 weeks ago.

Here it is my picture. Yes, i know im ugly. By the way, ill like to send you a drawing for the oz contest. Can i use ani tecnike i know? Cuz i realy like to draw and paint and love watercolors! (yey! Water colors are my friends, i like too talk to them while im painting and they will answer me, my classmates think im insane, but it is just that they have never talk to water colors,and for water colors to talk to you , you have to talk to them first.)

By the way, im having fun storytelling changeling in the oz setting, and ,from what i hear, players are having fun also, so we are realy happy. At first i was a little unsecure cuz i only have 4-5 months storitelling changeling and still forget some things some times, but i feel realy happy when players tell me that they have fun and can not wait to know what will happen next.

Well, hope everything is fine, and hope you dont get scared by my picture.


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