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Well, for, i'm not 12. It doesn't seem that any of us on this website were brought in "by our boyfriends/men"...i don't know if it's just a natural reaction, a form of womens rights, or what? Well, I've been into rpg for about 5 years now...It was actually all a wonderful mishap that progressed from the online rpg chatroom things...(DON'T YOU DARE DENY IT! YOU'VE TRIED IT TOO!!) to d&d online and then into a smaller more elite program "powwow" which was tragically shut down 2 years after i started playing...i've only been looking into a couple of rpgs online I haven't had the chance to roleplay irl...due to not finding any local groups to rp with and being a workaholic.

But, yea...if anyone's looking for someone to rp with...IM me sometime

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