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I've been exposed to Roleplaying all of my life, literally. Both of my parents started roleplaying well before I was born and both continued to roleplay with their group until I was well into roleplaying myself. I was started with D&D, as that's what my parents played. Second Edition D&D is still my second favoriote system. I played my first game when I was 8 and haven't stopped since.

I first got into White Wolf about five years ago. First, I really only bought the books, but I have a *lot* of the books. I started with Vampire and then stretched out to include Werewolf and Changeling, all of which I now play online. Since then, White Wolf has come to be my favorite system, of which Changeling is my second favorite game.

I've gamed both tabletop and online. However, if you are in the Spokane, Washington area and you're interested in White Wolf games, I'm working with some others to try and up the interest in the games here. You can reach me at


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