The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


Hello! I would like to say that I'm sorry to hear there's been so much hate mail being thrown your way regarding this contest; it is all in fun, after all and I hope it proves an interesting point. I also think it's important to point out that there are women gamers out there, and they could use some acknowledgment. Yes, I'm female.

Yes, I own all but four of the Changeling books (and books from many other RPGs).

And no, I did not get into gaming because of a boyfriend or guy I had a crush on. I saw 1st edition Palladium Fantasy years ago ('93), and bought it because of the art; at the time, I didn't realize what it was, exactly. Once I got to reading it, I learned it was a role-play game. I had no one to play with until '95. I met some neat guys at my friends wedding of all places. They patiently explained the whole thing to me, and let me sit in on their games. I even began drawing their characters and NPC's (I'm a 3rd year Illustration major). To keep this babbling short and sweet, I've been role-playing since '95, and have dragged two other girlfriends into it as well. I now play and GM games for my crew (a blend of guys and gals).

Since I was twelve I've always like comics, sci-fi and fantasy art, writing, and illustrating my own ideas, as well as other peoples' inspirations. I'm just glad I ran into people of similar interests while getting into role-playing.

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