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I discovered RPGs entirely on my own, when I was about 10 years old. My girlfriends and I were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanatics, so i picked up the TMNT RPG, having no clue what it was. As soon as I read it, and began playing, i was hooked.

From TMNT I progressed to the other Palladium games, then AD&D, Marvel Superheros, and when it was released, Vampire. In high school I found even more friends who played, and we took off with all the other White Wolf games. In 1999 I was one of the founding members of Nashville's Dark River Society LARP group. Unfortunately, I had to drop it before the games really got going, but I started playing again in 2001, and now I'm hooked on LARPing. In Vampire I play a ghoul belonging to the current Prince of Nashville (the tall dark and handsome Eric Covens), at Sabbat games a saintly-evil Lasombra, and in Mage I do some time as an NPC Bitch-in-Black. Our group is starting a Changeling venue soon, and I can't wait, because it's my favorite White Wolf tabletop game.

Before I was LARPing, all I had was stacks and stacks of RPG books, now I'm inundated in more books, and costuming!

If anyone is in the Nashville area and interested in gaming with us, please check out the DRS website:

And I'm setting up a website for my ghoul - featuring some of 'her' artwork at "


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