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Been gaming for over 20 years---started in grade school through my ELP class---was already obsessed with King Arthur and anything medieval or WWII.

Played D&D, AD&D, found WW Game system because I spent far too much time in gaming and bookstores---and was a diceaholic from the age of 13. Didn't *have* a boyfriend until I was 21, because I'd rather game than spend my time being involved with anyone. I am now a net addict and play lots of Sims, Alice, Diablo, GTA, and pretty much anything else I find appealing. I play Powers & Perils, WW (Wraith, Changeling, Vampire & Werewolf), LARP and have played in randomness such as Elfquest, Shadowrun and Cthulu. I've done lots of text based interactive story RP on email lists, and in the early 90's a bit of AOL ::shudder:: and Prodigy based Chat RPs. Have done minimal IRC stuff, too.

I got into gaming on my own---and dragged a few of my female friends with. I attempted to talk a few ex boyfriends into gaming, but it was futile.

Aeri Amadis-Noel

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