Since this isn't one of those pages that assumes that you know nothing about Changeling I'm not going to go into what chimera are and all that crap. You know what they are. However, in creating a chimera character sheet I made a few new distinctions that I'll share with all you wacky gamers out there. You may find it helpful or you may think it's just a bunch of schlock that I used to fill up space on the character sheet. It doesn't matter to me, you aren't playing in my game. If you are one of my PCs and you're looking at the site please remember the difference between OOC and IC knowledge. If you don't...well, I think I hear some wheezing from high overhead.

I am going to talk a little bit about the role that chimera can and do fill in any Changeling campaign. They are an important part of any Changeling game and an even more important part of any good chronicle. As it has been said in the books, the chimerical landscape and denizens of any particular Kingdom/Duchy/County/Barony/Freehold, can tell you a lot about the ruler/owner. Mean and nasty nochnista tend to gravitate towards Unseelie ruled areas and visa versa happy nice flower pixie types seem to flock to the Seelie territories. However, every seasoned Changeling gamer should know that Seelie does not imply good and Unseelie does not imply evil.

For example, if you go into a church and there isn't a single cherub or angel chimera buzzing around and the whole place is devoid of any chimerical activity at all what does this tell you about the church and its members? Not a whole lot of belief going on. Or worse what if there are burning crosses and demons running around? It's not just creativity that creates chimera, its belief. Anyone who has played a lot of the other White Wolf titles can tell you that its belief that makes the World of Darkness go around. Just ask a mage.

So where are chimera found? Chimera are found anywhere there are fae, dreamers, or belief. The Dreaming is chock full of the little critters too. Any mortal artist worth their salt should have at least one or two mindless ones buzzing around him/her and or wherever they create.

Sample Chimera
A Complete List of Redes
Alternate Rules for Chimera Creation
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