The biggest robotic dealer of chimerical prostitution in San Fran.

Whitey Bear
The funkiest ursine thug in the Dreaming.

A Race of Terribly Evil Nochnista.

Silver Stream
A Guardian Chimera.

The Bucket Fairy
A court servant.

The Dream Stealer
What happens when powerful dreamers have nightmares. Also an example of why Sandmen should never mess with the fae's dreamers.

Devil on your Shoulder
The downside to being a Changeling and an alcholic.

Monkey Wrench
A trusty rusty friend (written BEFORE the Iron Heart's Madness Arcadia Ally I may add)

Denuil's Armor
Bitchin' Nocker Craft.

Nic Marley
Every smoker's friend.

The Library Incarnate.

The Croc
Peter's Guardian.

The Emerald Mantis
When things break out of Goblin Town...it isn't pretty.

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