The following was written by an old ST buddy of mine named Jesse who I had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh at DragonCon '99. Having only known him from online, it was very interesting to find out that he is in fact the loudest man on earth. Anyway, he loves Nockers as much as I do and put down a pretty good system for Chimerical Item creation, which I present here now for you. This is Jesse's system, so I'm going to present it in its entirety. His system cannot be reproduced without his express written consent. He can be e-mailed at

Note: the following includes rules for allowing Nockers to make chimerical assault rifles. I personally do not condone allowing Nockers to make that kind of thing. Its just not their way and its extremely hard. I only allow for archaic firearms to be made.

Alternate Rules for Chimerical Item Creation

I believe that I should make the system known to everyone, not just to those who have and have read Dreams and Nightmares (starting at p.109 and 119, 2 sections). I am modifying it slightly to reflect how I think it should work. This is not the Mythic Age, where Glamour is free. The concept I have is for an impending Winter, not yet arrived.

Making chimerical items consists of 3 steps:
1. Finding chimerical Materials.
2. Making the Item proper.
3. Imbuing the Item with the appropriate Redes

Step 1 - Finding the Chimerical materials.
The overwhelming majority of Chimera found in the Flesh Realms are Incidental Chimera. What is needed is Dreamed Chimera. Even in the Dreaming, Dreamed Chimera are rare. If the Dreamed Chimera is a Plant, for instance, it usually attracts Guardians, which may or may not be Dreamed chimera themselves. This is an ST call. Note - Infusion 1 (a secret Art known to Nockers, Boggans, and House Dougal can turn Incidental Chimera into Dreamed Chimera).
In determining what is needed, the Rule of Three applies. First, there is the Base material, what the Item is made of (metal for swords and armor, wood for bows, etc. Then 2 Supporting materials must be obtained. These are what are used to imbue the item with powers (Redes). The rule of Sympathy must be observed here. They must be from Chimera with the Rede desired, or a similar Rede.
Then the Chimerical material must be Harvested. The amount of Dreamstuff (what this material is called) in the material is an ST call - guidelines are in Dreams and Nightmares on the pages listed above. This is a roll of Dex + Kenning diff 7, diff 6 for Boggans, Nockers, and Nunnehi. One Roll allowed per character per day. Each success = 1 unit of Usable Dreamstuff, up to the amount in the Chimera (ST call). As long as there is no Botch, another character may roll. Botching destroys whatever was left.

Step 2 - Making the Item.
This requires an appropriate type of workshop. The rolls are Dex + Crafts diff 7, the successes and interval between rolls are determined by the ST. It should approximate the manufacture of a 'real' item of the same type. This is where the Base material is used. For Crafting, 1 Glamour/roll is needed, Forging is a Nocker's Birthright. Also Forging gives the Item -2 diff on rolls vs. Banality. It's just a damned shame there's always *something* wrong with it.
A quick note from BEAU here, I have always interpreted the Nocker Flaw as something the Nocker sees wrong with his creation. It is their curse to be born from dreams of frustrated artists so that their craft is never perfect. That's why they are so damned pissed all the time. So when a Nocker gets tons of succs on the creation roll the thing isn't going to still fall apart someday. The flaw can be as miniscule as the sheen on the blade not being exactly the way the Nocker imagined this is what drives them barmy. The point is that the Nocker is never content with their work even if as far as everyone else can see there's nothing wrong with it.

Step 3 - Imbuing the Item.
This involves a ritual of some sort, dependant upon the style of your Character's magic, and what is being made. This is where the supporting materials are used. The intended owner of the item must be present to attune it to her. The roll is Dexterity + Kenning, diff 8. The number of successes are the number of Redes + 1. This is Tempering.
Finally, the Item must be tested. That's a roll of Intelligence + Enigmas diff the Glamour Rating of the Item. That's the number of Dross points used in its manufacture. It's also the number of dice the Item gets to resist Banality. If the Roll is failed, you gotta go back to the Tempering stage. Botch it, and you gotta start all over. Sucks, don't it?
This is not exactly what is written in Dreams and Nightmares, but it is very close. I modified the rolls to better suit my understanding of the text, but it maintains the Concept contained therein. I hope that this encourages you to give it a shot.

Standard Items
Int + Crafts - one roll/day unless others wise noted in parentheses.

For every piece of Troll sized armor, add 5 successes to the normal amount required
Item (AC) Difficulty Successes
Cloth (1) 6 10
Leather (2) 7 10
Reinforced (3) 7 15
Chain (4) 7 20
Plate (5) 8 20
Sidhe Plate (6) 9 25
Shield (1) 7 10
Shield (2) 7 15

(a (T) denotes a Troll specific weapon)
Item Difficulty Successes
Knife 6 3
Dagger 6 5
Short Sword 6 8
Rapier 7 10
Broadsword 7 13
Bastard Sword 7 15
Great Sword 7 20
Quarterstaff 6 5 (hour)
Spear 6 5
Lance 6 5 (hour)
Poleaxe 7 10
Club 5 5 (hour)
Hand Axe 7 10
Hill Axe (T) 8 15
Battle Axe 7 20
North Axe (T) 8 25
Mace 7 13
Maul (T) 8 17
Morning Star 7 15
Whip 6 10 (hour)

Ranged Weapons
Item Difficulty Successes
Short Bow 6 10
Long Bow 6 15
Heavy Bow 6 20
Crossbow 7 15
Heavy Crossbow 7 20
Javelin 6 5
Dagger 6 5
Throwing Axe 7 10

Field Artillery
Item Difficulty Successes
Catapult 7 7 (week)
Ballista 8 7 (week)

Many things require rolls of more than just crafts. First, the Nocker must have a design, or a real world counterpart. This is a Int + appropriate skill or a "real" model, then an Int + Gematria roll to convert to Dreaming Physics. The Nocker now has a blueprint for the chimerical device, and can mass produce. Alternatively, if the Nocker is a member of an appropriate guild, she may purchase the right to use patented blueprints (if available) on a per unit basis. Now comes the Int + Crafts roll. Large or complex items are by the week, while smaller items are by the day.

(Int + Gunsmithing/Crafts/Gematria) 1 roll/day
Name Difficulty Gunsmithing/Crafts/Gematria
Zip Gun 6 5/5/5
Revolver 6 5/10/10
Heavy Revolver 6 5/10/15
Pistol 7 10/10/10
Heavy Pistol 7 10/10/12
Rifle 7 10/10/15
Small SMG 8 10/10/10
Large SMG 8 10/10/15
Assault Rifle 8 15/15/15
Shotgun 8 10/10/15
Pump Shotgun 6 15/10/15

Bullets and Gunpowder - Int + Chimerical Alchemy, must have at least 3 dots, then Int + Crafts makes 10 bullets per day, diff 6.

(The following don't have Diff assignments yet, so STs will have to use their judgment)

Int + Mining/Chimerical Alchemy/Crafts
Goblin Lantern
Goblin Parchment
Goblin Shoes
Goblin Cloak
The above require Mining (to find the materials and have the expertise)
Plans may be purchased form the Miners Guild

Int + Gremayre/Gematria/Crafts
Glamour Battery
Delta Wave Helmet
Glam - O - Meter
Real Virtuality Goggles
Aether Radio

Int + Gematria/Crafts
Plans may be purchased form the Weapons Guild
Razor Claws
Goblin Bow
Lightning Gun
Energy Cannon (don't try it)

Int + Chimerical Alchemy/Crafts
Universal Solvent

Int + Science/Gematria/Crafts

Burst Tapes - Int + Computer/Chimerical Alchemy/Crafts
Cameras - Int + Chimerical Alchemy/Gematria/Crafts
Analytical Engine - Int + Computer/Gematria/Crafts

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