A Complete List of Chimera Redes and Banes

these redes can be found in C:tD 2nd Ed. and Dreams and Nightmares,


* Aggravated Damage
This Rede + Wyrd causes real world AGG. Wounds
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: none

* Animate
Enables chimera to move, manipulate, and levitate objects. Cannot be used on living matter. 1 CP lifts 20 lbs. of material. Increases Exponentially (ex. 4 CP s lifts 160 lbs.). Used in attack with chimera's combat dice pool (Int + Melee), + 2 dice per Glamour point spent. Can be dodged.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Glamour +1 to increase mass exponentially; +1 Glamour to increase duration by one round (6 points would animate 160 lbs. for 3 rounds)

* Archetype
Chimera can absorb the substances of other chimera to gain greater abilities and Redes. All memories are absorbed. Archetype becomes a collective being under the control of the original Archetype. Ability can only be used up to 3 times. Archetype must physically grasp victim and roll resisted Willpower. Each success absorbs one Glamour pt and 1 Health Level. When opponent reaches 0 Glamour extra Health Levels are absorbs. At 0 Health Levels victim is absorbed. If Archetype loses it becomes intangible. Archetype gains 2/3 of victim's initial Glamour. Storyteller purchases Redes, Abilities, and Attributes and abilities that closely matches victim's. Archetype looks like a conglomeration of chimera. If victim is not similar in form to Archetype the activation Rede is considered 2 uses, and Archetype suffers +1 difficulty to all contested Willpower rolls.
Chimera Point Cost: 10* for one use, 15* for two uses, 20* for three uses
Use Cost: One per turn. Once activated, Rede consumes 1 pt per turn until absorption is complete or Archetype disincorparates.

* Armor
Chimera has armor.
Chimera Point Cost: 1 (per point of armor)
Use Cost: none

* Befuddle
Chimera can confuse target. Roll Glamour with diff. = to target's Willpower. The target loses one die from all dice pools for every success that the chimera achieves in excess of the victim. Effect lasts as long as the chimera remains in victim's presence.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1

* Breath
Affects all targets at range with a cone, cloud, or line in front of chimera's mouth. Range is long for a line, medium for a cone, and short for a cloud. Victims can dodge if they get initiative. Diff to soak: 7.
Chimera Point Cost: 5 (3, if attack doesn't do damage ex. Sleep)
Use Cost: Damage is 3 + 1 per point of Glamour spent on action. All targets receive full damage

* Curse
Enchanted target becomes cursed and is affected in the same manner as the Soothsay Art level 2 Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. Each two points of Glamour invested by the chimera acts as successes for determining the effects of the Rede.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 2/Level of the curse effect0

* Difficulty Reduction
Every level reduces diff. For a specific task by one. Max. # of levels allowable for reducing the diff. Of a given task is 2.
Chimera Point Cost: 3 per pt of diff reduction, maximum of 2 levels (consider tasks as specialties)
Use Cost: none

* Dreadful Gaze - Victim in chimera's gaze must roll Stamina + Kenning diff: chimera's Willpower. If victim fails to get 3 successes, he is turned to stone. All fae and enchanted mortals are effectively paralyzed for 1 hour- 10 minutes per pt of Banality. Other chimera instantly lose all HL s and roll to retain integrity.
Chimera Point Cost: 8*
Use Cost: 2 Glamour per use. One victim per use.

* Dreamform
Chimera has no physical form, is however still visible unless used in conjunction with the Hide Rede. Chimera can only be affected by Arts and Treasures. Chimera do not need Physical Attributes, but must have HL (Stamina limit on HL s is ignored) Rede is permanent unless chimera is exposed to high levels of Banality. Chimera rolls current Glamour (diff. Source of Banality) if roll fails chimera becomes tangible and receives 2 dots to allocate among Physical Attributes. Chimera remains in physical form until it ceases contact with Banality. If Glamour roll is botched change is permanent.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: none

* DreamWeaving
Usable only by a chimera in the Dreaming on sleeping victim in the mundane world. Chimera needs only one success on a Glamour roll diff. Victim's WP. Chimera can direct coarse of victim's dreams for duration of scene. For every 2 Dreamweavings on the same victim, the victim loses -1 to his WP dice pool to resist. Chimera gains Glamour from victim at a rate of 1/2 successes on DreamWeaving roll. Maximum = Glamour of victim.
Chimera Point Cost: 4
Use Cost: none

* Enchantment
This Rede allows a chimera to affect nonfae, and allows them to affect it. All damage is still chimerical, and the human forgets the encounter quickly. The chimera would need the Wyrd Rede to affect the physical world.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: This Rede costs one Glamour per turn to use, or per hour in a freehold or in the Dreaming.

* Ensnare
Chimera can physically restrain victim. Appropriate attack roll is made, or Ensnare is set in advance as a trap. Ensnare has Str. 2 and 2 points of armor per 3 points of permanent Glamour possessed by the chimera. Chimera with less than 3 points of permanent Glamour gave an Ensnare with Str 1 and 1 pt of armor.
Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1 to capture a human sized object.

* Entrancement
Chimera can convince the victim that the user is her true friend and that the victim should go to great lengths to help the user. The victim will not endanger himself, but he will defend his new friend from all enemies. The user spends 1 Willpower pt and rolls her Glamour pool (diff = the victim's Banality) The duration of the Rede's power is a # of scenes equal to the # of successes. The chimera can cast the Rede again, but at a +1 diff for each additional casting, as the victim begins to get suspicious. The victim must understand the chimera's language for this Rede to work.
Chimera Point Cost: 4
Use Cost: 1 Willpower

* Fear
Victim freezes with fear or retreat in stark terror. Fear persists for 10 turns. Victim makes a Willpower roll (diff 6) each success reduces Rede's duration by 1.
Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1

* Fester
Rede causes victim to manifest the symptoms of a particular disease. The storyteller decides the rate at which the disease progresses, but it is often extremely fast. A victim may cure the effects of this Rede by making an opposed Willpower roll and gaining more successes than the chimera does, although the victim must be aware of the chimera's presence to resist. Primal oooo (Heather Balm) may heal damage inflicted by this Rede, but will not cure the disease.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 per level of damage inflicted by the disease.

* Flame Breath
This Rede can be used to provide the chimera with a chimerical-ranged attack.
Chimera Point Cost: 3 per dice of chimerical damage
Use Cost: 1

* Flash - Allows chimera to blind a target. The target must be fae or enchanted, or the chimera must posses the Rede Wyrd as well. The target is blinded for 5 turns, but this effect can be soaked with a Dex + Dodge roll (diff 8) to avoid the flash.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1

* Flight
The Chimera can fly under it's own power. The chimera can fly 25 ft per turn per pt of Dex it has.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: none (winged) 1 per turn (wingless)

* Gulp
Chimera can unhinge their jaws to swallow victim. If chimera gains 5 or more successes on an attack roll, it swallows victim whole. Damage is automatic for each turn thereafter, if the chimera chooses to inflict it.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 2

* Glamour Pact
The chimera can protect itself from being crafted, forged, or trapped in a treasure against its will. Diff on all rolls made by a Changeling to perform such tasks are increased by 2. If chimera is crafted it still retains all Redes not based on Physical Attributes, Glamour, and Willpower scores. Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 perm Glamour

* Healing
The chimera can heal its own wounds or the wounds of others. The chimera must have the Wyrd Rede to heal nonchimerical injuries.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 Glamour to heal 1 Health Level of Damage

* Hide
chimera becomes invisible to all changelings and enchanted beings. Perc + Kenning (diff 8) must be made to locate a chimera using this Rede and at least 2 successes must be achieved. One success locates the general area of the chimera. Effect lasts for the duration of 1 scene. Rede can also be used to hide others. Although hiding anything from anyone nonfae or unenchanted requires the Rede Wyrd.
Chimera Point Cost: 5 (self) 7 (others)
Use Cost: 1 (1 per person or item being affected)

* Illusions
The chimera can change the perceptions of the target. Rede can only give an object or sensation a different appearance. (see Chicanery Cantrip Fuddle) This power affects all beings within sensory range, even scrying individuals. However the Rede fails against anyone with a Perc of 4 or greater or who has some supernatural visual ability. Victims are allowed a Perc + Kenning roll diff 6 (+1 per extra Glamour invested, max 9, 2 successes needed) if they have reason to believe they are being confronted by an illusion. Rede lasts as long as chimera chooses. All illusions drop when the chimera sustains 3 or more Health Levels of damage.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Glamour, +1 to increase the impenetrability of an illusion

* Poof Begone
This power is the ability to vanish at one place in the Dreaming and reappear in another. The exact distance is limited, but certain areas of the Dreaming are said to enhance this Rede (trods, mushroom rings, etc 50 foot increase) A chimera must be able to see the destination of this Rede. This ability is only usable in the Dreaming, even if the character possesses the Rede Wyrd.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 G

* Possession
The chimera must touch the target. An opposed roll is made of the Chimera's Glamour and the target's WP (diff are the opponent's score). If the chimera rolls more successes, it possesses the victim for one turn per success in excess of the opponent's roll. If the target has a higher Banality score than the chimera has permanent Glamour, the chimera loses a point of Glamour for each point of the difference. This Rede works only on Kithian unless the chimera has the Rede Enchantment.
Chimera Point Cost: 7
Use Cost: 2 WP

* Riadstradh
Grants the chimera the ability to enter a battle-frenzy before or during combat. Wound penalties are ignored, and the chimera gains an increase in her combat dice pool. The unfortunate side-effect is that the battle crazed chimera attacks any and all creatures standing until the Riadstradh runs its course or the chimera loses all its HLs. (Duration Stam + 2/ extra GP spent) After the Riadstradh, the chimera suffers 1 HL every 3 turns in the frenzy (round up). This damage is fatigue and heals at he rate of one point per hour. Fatigue damage is almost never lethal, but otherwise it has the same effect as Wound Penalties. When purchasing the Rede the chimera must specify the enemy that the Rede is directed toward. To activate the Rede at least one representative enemy must be on the opposing side.
Chimera Point Cost: 3 + 1 to combat dice pool, +1 for every +1 to pool (+3 dice pool costs 3 points)
Use Cost: 1 GP for every frenzy lasting 3 Stam rounds, +2 for every extra GP spent.

* Scuttle
Chimera who use this Rede may move at truly amazing speeds.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 extra action/ GP spent

* Sense Banality
The chimera can tell how much Banality is in a person, object, or place.
Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1 WP

* Shapeshift
A chimera with this power can change its appearance in almost any way it desires. This image is completely illusionary, and the chimera gains no additional abilities from this Rede. This power affects all five of the senses, but can not be used to cause damage with illusionary weapons.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 per shape change

* Steal Glamour
This Rede allows the chimera to steal Glamour from a Changeling or even another chimera. A WP roll with a diff equal to the target's Glamour must be made for this Rede to be used successfully. The # of successes rolled determines how many GPs are stolen.
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 WP

* Transmute
This Rede gives the ability to change a nonliving, organic substance into something else, or merely alter its composition. At the cost of one GP, a chimera can cause food to spoil and visa versa. For 3 GPs, the chimera can turn nonedible plant material (such as straw) into a king's feast, or cause an organic material to exhibit characteristics of any other related material. For 5 GPs, the chimera can force a radical change upon the organic material, making wood as edible as spaghetti or giving a cotton shirt the protective abilities of wooden armor. This Rede is usable in the mundane world without the Rede Wyrd. However, such alterations are never permanent, as Banality eats away the power of the change. In the Dreaming, the change is permanent. Chimera who takes this Rede must also take a specialization or material that this Rede is limited to transmuting. Specializations: Water, Vegetables and Fruits, Wood, Animal Meat and Hide, Spices, Fungi, Fibers, Beer and Wine, Dairy, and other plants.
Chimera Point Cost: 3 per specialization
Use Cost: 1-5 GPs

* Traverse Dreaming
This Rede allows chimera to travel to the mortal world from the Dreaming, or to enter the Dreaming from the mortal world. Chimera can travel only through established trods and portals, though some travel chimerical trods known only to their own kind.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1

* Venom
Chimerical venom can cause paralysis or even "death" to changelings. The victim may suffer damage, and a successful Stam roll (diff 8) must be made, or the victim may be paralyzed for one minute per GP invested by the chimera. Venom must be delivered in tandem with a physical attack (bite, stinger, etc) Causes one additional HL of damage per pt of Glamour that the chimera chooses to invest (assuming that the chimera seeks to do harm with its venom)
Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: None to paralyze and 1 per additional HL of damage intended

* Weaponry
The chimera may create physical (non-ranged) weapons from its chimerical substance. These may include swords, horns, or lashing tails. If a chimera loses its physical form, its weapons disappear with it, but the weapon may stay behind in some cases.
Chimera Point Cost: The chimera can inflict +1 damage for every 2 chimera points spent
Use Cost: None.

* Wyrd
A chimera that invokes this Rede becomes a solid creature in the real world and can cause physical damage. This is one of the rarest chimerical powers.
Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 WP per scene


* Enmity
The chimera has an intense dislike for a creature or thing. While it might not automatically attack, the chimera severely distrusts the object of its enmity (+3 difficulty to all Social rolls and interactions).
Chimera Point Bonus: 2

* Ferocious Beast
The chimera has no control over its frenzies. At any unexpected moment (even in relaxed non-combat situations), the chimera could flip out. They receive +2 to all attack rolls, and the frenzy lasts 3 rounds. However, the chimera is protected from Wound Penalties only at the first tier of -2 wound level. If the chimera suffers any further damage, full Wound Penalties take effect, even if the chimera is still berserk.
Chimera Point Bonus: 2

* Glamour Pact (clarification)- This Rede works to a Changeling's disadvantage when placed in a chimerical object. Therefore, players who design their Crafted or Forged objects with Glamour Pact may treat it as a Bane, instead of a Rede.
Chimera Point Bonus: 3 (for Crafted and Forged Chimera only)

* Jingle-Geasa
Once a day the chimera must sing a little song involving his True Name. He can choose to sing it quietly or in an isolated place, but the song must contain the True Name, and it must be obvious in the song that the appellation is the character's True Name.
Chimera Point Bonus: 3

* Riddle-Game
The chimera is bound by the ancient rules of the riddle. Any puzzle or riddle inexorably draws the chimera's attention, and he applies his full attention to its solution. He will not engage in any other activity until the riddle has been solved. Furthermore, certain chimera bound by this Bane must ask potential opponents to solve a riddle before they engage in combat. If the opponent wins the riddle-game, the chimera must concede to his opponent's wishes or suffer 6 HLs (opponents who ignore the riddle and attack the chimera can be engaged in combat with no fear of harm).
Chimera Point Bonus: 2, if bound only when asked a riddle; 4, if the chimera must challenge opponents to a riddle before engaging in combat.

* Token
The chimera needs to use a physical object or material to activate a particular Rede. Often, the victim must touch or ingest the token to engage in the Rede's effect.
Chimera Point Bonus: 1

* Uncontrolled Redes
At inopportune moments, the chimera's Redes activate, especially near areas of high Glamour. While these do not drain the chimera's Glamour pool, the chimera cannot direct the Redes in any way. (to possess this Rede the chimera must have at least one Rede.
Chimera Point Bonus: 1 + 1 per Redes the chimera has

* Vulnerable Spot
The chimera has a faintly detectable flaw in combat that a canny opponent can use to her advantage. An opponent who searches for the flaw ( he must announce that he is looking for it to roll) and achieves 3 or more successes on a Perc + Melee (or Brawl) roll, Difficulty 8, detects the flaw and gains +2 dice to inflict damage and -1 difficulty to hit for the next 3 rounds. If the opponent achieved 5 or more successes (or detects the spot supernaturally), the opponent sees an opening to inflict a mortal wound. For the next round only, she gains double damage dice and -2 difficulty to hit. After that round, the opponent receives the standard bonuses for perceiving the flaw.
Chimera Point Bonus: 2

* Warding
The chimera is restrained by a simple ritual, charm, or token. Chimera avoid such charms, and if forced to touch one, they receive a point of damage for each round of physical contact. (the charm must be specified when the Bane is purchased. Iron cannot be used as a charm.
Chimera Point Bonus: 1

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