special thanks to Ryan Carden for Pimp-Bot...I tweaked him some for my purposes

Pimp-Bot is essentially a 8 foot tall mech...in a purple suede coat. He wears a big purple velvet hat with a big feather sticking out of it. He talks like a pimp from a poorly done 1970's blaxploitation movie. Think Superfly meets Voltron. Pimp-Bot is an example of what can happen to an average chimera who sets out on his own and becomes twisted by the World of Darkness. He runs a big chimerical prostitution racket around San Fran. Fae and chimera alike make up his work force. Various fae and chimera seek out PimpBot to satisy their sexual craving in ways that only creatures of the dreaming can. Any fae down on their luck can bet on PimpBot being able to find work for them as long as they dont mind the depravity and replusiveness of some of PimpBot's clients. Pimp-Bot caters to some of the most twisted minds in the San Fran area and any of his employees are expected to fulfill their every desire. Although Pimp-Bot rarely engages in physical combat himself, he'd much rather pay someone else to get their hands dirty, he can be quite formidble in a fight. Equipped with all sort of street gadgetry ranging from switch blades that spring from various places on his person to a jet pack for easy escapes, he's full of surprises. Most of the time however he gets his lackey Whitey Bear to do most of his handiwork. Employees who walk out of jobs or fail to produce the right amount of money from a job are sure to get a unpleasant visit from Whitey Bear.

Most of Pimp-Bots employess come from various sexual fantasies. Pin-up models, walking Barbie dolls, and lately there have even been a few Lara Croft-esque chimera. Satyrs at any given point can be found in his employement, though all manner of kith can be found as his clientele who have particular intrests in the certain advantages to Sluagh or troll... shall we say, "abilities".

Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Charisma 1, Manipulation 3, Appearance 1,
Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2

Abilities: Alertness 3
Brawl 3
Intimidation 4
Melee 3
Streetwise 4
Flight 3

Glamour: 5
Willpower: 2
Health Levels: 10
Weaponry (switchblades +1 damage)
Armor (3 Dice)

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown