Nic Marley

Nic is an addiction chimera like the Devil on your Shoulder. Nic however isn't quite as malevolent. He tends to take up residence in places where smokers frequent. College campuses are a prime spot for him. He looks like a grungy generation x left over. Dirty stringy bleach blonde hair with the roots growing in, tattered blue jeans complete with holes worn through the knees, dirty black T-shirt and flannel tied around his waste. He sits hunched over and listens to the conversations of all of the regular smokers picking up a butt here and there and lighting up. He is always smoking if he can help it. He hears a lot and can be a good source of info about the local area and rumors. He can be easily bribed with a pack of smokes to cough up (quite literally) whatever he has heard. There are so many smokers in the WoD that he doesn't need to resort to such tactics like the Devil on your Shoulder and is bonded to a place as oppose to a specific person. He isn't really that bad of a guy, he is just being beat down by the man is all, really.

"Hey man can you spare a smoke?"

Bond: place
Form: Animate
Type: Dreamed
Sentience: Sentient

Str 1
Dex 3
Sta 2
Cha 3
App 3
Man 3
Per 5
Int 2
Wits 4

Alertness 4
Kenning 2
Streetwise 3

Glamour- 6
Willpower- 4

Health Levels

Breath- (Nic can cough up a dark smoky cloud for the cost of one Glamour that causes those caught within to experience a violent coughing fit, if they don't soak (diff 7) they will lose three dice to all of their dice pools for the next 3 turns)

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