Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench is a chimerical companion. He is bonded to a Nocker named Jacksin but of course feel free to use him however you want. He looks exactly like a monkey wrench with monkey arms, legs, and a tail. He has two eyes each on opposite sides of the mouth of the wrench. He does not speak, but communicates though tapping on objects in a sort of Morse code that Jacksin understands fairly well. He is the perfect extra pair of hands to have around the shop. He eagerly aids a production by fetching tools and fitting into small spaces for repairs. He is also very skilled at cracking walnuts. In combat he will take the form of a mortal monkey wrench that can be used as a bludgeoning weapon. He is cheerful and can be relied on to put a smile on Jacksin's dour nocker face with his lighthearted antics. He is Jacksin's best friend having come out of Jacksin's chrysalis with him as a childling and has been his loyal companion his whole life.

Bond: Jacksin
Form: Animate
Type: Dreamed
Sentience: Sentient

Str 1
Dex 5
Sta 3
Cha 2
App 3
Man 1
Per 4
Int 2
Wits 3

Abilities Alertness 3
Kenning 2
Search 3
Lockpicking 3
Pick Pockets 3
Repair 3
Science 1

Glamour- 5
Willpower- 4

Health Levels

Scuttle- (extra action per glamour point spent)
Wrench- (may spend one point of glamour and willpower to become an inanimate mortal wrench for one scene)

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