Knowledge is a library chimera. He appears like un-kpt professor type. He smokes a pipe and can be found in the history sections of universities or in libraries. He has intimate knowledge of every boon in his library and is an incredible source of information even if it is all a little scattered around in his brain. The sheer immensity of knowledge he has in him makes him a little scattered and he gets easily distracted and has a bad habit of talking really really fast when he gets excited. He also knows a lot of lore concerning the dreaming. He collects chimerical tomes concerning information on arts, the dreaming and gallian, which he keeps in his library. He moves them around however and the odds of finding one without his assistance are pretty slim. He is very friendly to anyone honestly interested learning something and eager to help in any way he can.

"Wonderful! Not nearly enough people are intrested in ancient babylonian baskey-weaving these days!"

Bond: place
Form: Animate
Type: Dreamed
Sentience: Sentient

Str 1
Dex 1
Sta 1
Cha 3
App 2
Man 1
Per 4
Int 5
Wits 3

Kenning 3
Enigmas 3
Science 3
Gremayre 4
Law 3
Linguistics 4
Lore (Dreaming) 4

Glamour- 6
Willpower- 5

Health Levels


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