special thanks to Greg Plunket for this wonderful Nochnista perfect for the Week of Nightmares.

Description: Tall, slender creatures that exude pure unadulterated evil. They are murderers with no limits. The more gruesome, the better. They usually carry dulled, edged weapons (axes and scythes are favorites) to increase the pain of their victims, and messiness of their kills. After they kill, they consume the flesh of their victims. They have pitch black eyes, and are completely blind. However, their hearing is extremely fine-tuned to the point that they can basically see with their ears. They can hear the slightest of vibrations. If you breathe, they "see" you. Loud noises are a problem for them, and anything above a hearty shout will deafen them completely for several hours, or even days.

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Charisma 0, Manipulation 3, Appearance 0,
Perception 9 (hearing), Intelligence 1, Wits 2

Abilities: Alertness 5 (movement)
Brawl 2
Intimidation 5 (violence)
Melee 3

Glamour: 9
Willpower: 1
Health Levels: 6

Attack: Strength + 0 for fists, but they normally carry weapons that do +1 damage above the weapons normal bonus (so a sword that does Str+3 normally will do Str+4 for a Grimmzan)

Weaponry (weapon created varies from one Grimmzan to the next),
Difficulty Reduction (hearing) x 2
Muffle: Cost 2G: all sound within a 10 ft radius of the Grimmzan is dulled to tolerable levels for themselves (Diff of all hearing based Perc rolls diff 10). This works as an advantage and a disadvantage to them however . Their prey cant hear them coming but the silence can alert unsuspecting prey to their presence.

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown