These are sample characters from my various chronicles. Some of them are NPCs and some are old PCs that have been retired or still active. Each character has a description and some have stats. Those without stats are mostly NPCs who I've never felt needed the contraints of a solid character sheet.
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The Court
Baron Edgewick - Baron of the Barony of Tiburon: Wilder Unseelie Sidhe House Fiona
Count Baleyhuron - The Count of the County of the Glistening Bay: Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Fiona
Etrius - The Count's Court Seer: Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Eiluned
Hodge - Lord Davenmore's Faithful Sidekick: Wilder Seelie Troll
Lotta Hugglesworth - Switchboard Operator, Receptionist, and Cookie-baker for the Count: Seelie Wilder Boggan
Sir Davenmore - President of Greek Council: Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Gwydion Knight

Aerid - Inanimaic researcher, scholar: Wilder Unseelie House Eiluned
Bach - Bandleader of The Bacchanalian Knights: Wilder Seelie Satyr
Bone - Cocky Thug: Wilder Unseelie Redcap
Boo - Assassin for hire: Wilder Shadow Court Sluagh
Buddy - Squire, loyal sidekick and prankster: Childling Seelie Turkey Pooka
Cracker - Hacker, attempting to break into Digital Web: Wilder Unseelie Nocker Disrupter
Ellen - Book worm, hopeless romantic, Wraith Lore expert, Lifemate of Gnarl: Wilder Seelie Sluagh
Enoch - Delusional Mastermind: Grump Unseelie Satyr
Gnarl - Count's Court Guard, Lifemate of Ellen: Wilder Unseelie Redcap
Jacksin - Mechanic, owns Jacksin's Garage Freehold: Grump Seelie Nocker
Krank - Engineering Student: Seelie Nocker
Lenore - Web Designer, doily aficionado: Wilder Seelie Sluagh
Lillandra - Manipulative Sexpot, Kramm's friend: Unseelie Satyr
Sir Jarek - Amnesiac Knight: Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Scatach
Kirsa - Flirt: Wilder Unseelie Cat Pooka
Mael - Recovering Alcoholic: Wilder Seelie Satyr
Morg - Chimerical Private Detective: Grump Seelie Troll
Peter - The Boy Who Never Grew Up: Childling Unseelie Sidhe House Fiona
Thena - Socialite dancer: Wilder Unseelie cat pooka
Twitch - Engineering Student, Krank's Partner: Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Dougal
Sir Varis - Retired Adventurer turned Chancellor: Grump Seelie Troll

Dallas - Wise and Strong, Grump Krofted Glome
Picol - Wide-Eyed and Hyper, Childling Krofted Parasome
Ten - Adventurous Archer, Wilder Krofted Kubera
Slithe - Pirate and Assassin: Wilder Shadow Court Bogey
El Toro de Diablo - Pirate and Thug: Wilder Shadow Court Beastie

Alex Hendel - Most Powerful Mortal Dreamer in Pacifica: Human Dreamer
Doc - Urban Legend: Dreamspeaker Tradition Mage
John Myers - Haunts Alex Hendel's flat: Sandman Wraith
Mary Wheelwright - Owns Sister Psychic Mary's Psychic Hotline: Ravnos Vampire
Skylar - Geek Piano Major: Enchanted Human Dreamer

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