okay here is the deal on books. I go to used books stores and see what i can find. all of the books i have are in good to mint condition. if there are major problems with a book i will tell you before you buy it. If you want i can take digital pics and send them to you so you know what your getting.


When you know you want a book you tell me and give me your mailing address. I take the book to the post office and find out the shipping then tell you. You get me a money order for the cover price of the book plus the shipping and send it to me. When i get the money order i send you the book. If i screw you the changeling forum is a really good place to give me a bad name. Money Orders should be payable to Brian Brown.

this is my way of helping this game survive. people cant play if they dont have books.

here is what i currently have available, the cover price, postage, and how many ive got:

Book of Houses: Noblesse Oblige - $18.00 ($1.84) - (0)

Isle of the Mighty - $22.00 ($1.84) - (0)

Denizens of the Dreaming - $15.00 ($1.42) - (0)

Player's Guide - $22.00 ($1.84) - (0)

Kingdom of the Willows - $18.00 ($1.84) - (2)

Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner - $17.95 ($1.42) - (2)

Freeholds and Hidden Glens - $15.00 ($1.42) (1)

War in Concordia - $18.00 ($1.42) (0)

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox - $15.00 ($1.84) (1)

Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill - $15.00 ($1.84) (1)

Kithbook Redcap - $15.00 ($1.42) (0)

Kithbook Eshu - $14.95 ($1.42) (0)

Storyteller's Guide - $18.00 ($1.84) (0)

Mind's Eye Theatre: The Shining Host Player's Guide - $15.00 ($1.42) (1)

Mind's Eye Theatre: Laws of the Hunt: Player's Guide - $15.00 ($1.42) (0)
(this book has the LARP rules for the Dauntain in it)

I also have some non-changeling books including Wraith. Email me if you are looking for anything and i will see what i can do.

email me at