Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown

Name: BEAU
Contribution: Site Content, Concepts, and Colorin'
Info: This is BEAU's website. It is his little childling. The other bozos who work here are but his wee slaves. BEAU was born in Lilburn, GA. He got into gaming in middle school and has been storytelling Changeling games for six years. his collection of gaming literature is obscene. Yes he does own ALL of the books. BEAU loves storytelling. It gives him more joy than most things in his world. Taking the players away from reality for just a few hours and making them feel something is what it is all about to him. In the end all he ever wants to hear is "good game". Beau is also a Satyr, no really we arent kidding.
Name: Alexander Morris Lazara
Contribution: Layout, Graphics, HTML, Icons
Info: Alex was born in Compton, CA. Alex is our resident TechnoMage.He is the one responsible for the site looking so damn cool. When he's not enjoying fine 7-11 products, or fighting for the supremacy of the technocracy, Alex can be seen in the Mary Hay lobby watching Blind Date or frolicking in Bernini fountains with Mogurt the Newt... Alex never gets tired of BEAU's incessant requests for "mOrE gRaPhIcS fAsTeR!!!"
Name: Christopher D. Black
Contribution: Resident Lazy-Ass Artist
Info: Chris really isn't behind the dream per se...he is actually more like back and to the left . Chris' anime obession is comparable to BEAU's gaming obsession. Chris gains a point of banality every day in his classes as an advertising(blarg!) major, which BEAU and Alex have to rectify every weekend. Chris drew most of the pretty pictures in the gallery, and if he would get off his lame ass and draw some more BEAU would be a very happy slavedriver indeed.
Name: Federico Rossi Edrighi
Contribution: Gallery Artist
Info: Federico is a cartoonist. A lazy one, one of the worst kind. He's even nineteen, and this doesn't help, for it offers him an excuse to avoid work ("fetus sleep 24 hours a day, I'm only nineteen years far, it's logical that I need to rest a lot!"). In his free time (almost all his waking day) he reads comics, teases his girlfriend and pretends to be a Bat Pooka (yes, normal people call it insanity). Oh yes, he's Italian too (all that grammar mistakes are finally explaned then).